What would you do in a Zombie Apocalypse?


Zombies. Who has not seen a zombie movie? Or at least know of someone who has seen a zombie movie? It’s a pretty popular genre. And one of the popular topics that arise from it is the dreaded zombie apocalypse! Course there are probably worse ways for the world to go out, but getting eaten alive by possible friends or family is pretty high on my list.

Now if you have ever discussed this topic with someone or a group of people, one question always pops up, “What would you do in a zombie apocalypse?” More times than not you will either hear, “I’m going to the nearest gun shop and cleaning that place out!” Or something pretty close to it. I myself said that every time someone would ask me that question, and I wouldn’t be surprised if YOU said it at least once…. (Don’t lie you know you have)

But a thought popped up one day while my wife and I were talking about the zombie apocalypse. “How busy would the said gun shop be?” Think about it, if everyone, or at the very least most people, think about running to the gun shop and cleaning it out, what makes you think going there and grabbing a gun would be easy? A couple things might happen if you were to take this course of action:

1: You make it to the gun shop, only to find that the owner has sealed his or herself in and is shooting anyone that tries to break in.

2: You make it to the gun shop and find that a huge crowed of people have thought of the same thing and are fighting over the guns, not paying attention to the zombies closing in to OM NOM NOM on everyone.

3: You make to the gun shop only to find the place ransacked, totally cleaned out.

Unless of course you already own a gun, then you’re pretty much screwed with that plan of action. Every time this topic comes up, most people will think “I need a gun!” Which is probably due to the slew of movies out there. What you need to do, instead of risk the gun shop, is run to your nearest hardware store. Plenty of useful tools to use as weapons there! An ordinary shovel could just as easily take out a zombie than a gun, and without the sound gun shot to possibly attract more zombies. Now granted, you have to get up close and personal, but at least in the beginning you won’t have to fight other people for a firearm.

So that should be your first step, find a good melee weapon. If you have something at home, even better. Next, plan out how to survive. Rather that is getting the hell out of dodge, or barricading yourself in your home is up to you. Some people have said they would hide up in the mountains, others that they would hijack an aircraft carrier and live out in the sea, (don’t ask me how to do that cause I have no idea, not my plan)

What is my plan? Well it begins with… Like I’d tell you -_-

Anyway back to it. If you are still itching to find a gun after steps one and two, be my guest. Majority of people should be either eaten or chased away from the major cities or towns at that point, making it much easier to find a gun.

After you do find a gun, well then it’s simple. Survive and hope that the zombie infection is spread by bites and not an airborne disease. Course if the zombies are the running kind then everyone is screwed. I don’t care if you can run for miles on end, eventually you’ll tire out and get OM NOM NOM’ed by some walking corpse and then rise to chase down the next unlucky bastard. Now myself, if zombies can run, I’m screwed. I freely admit I can’t run very far.Even if they shambled I doubt I’d make it, as I’d be laughing to hard if they made the OM NOM NOM sound while chowing down. What? Too disturbing? Pfff

But for anyone else that reads this, if you think you can make it in the zombie apocalypse, feel free to drop a comment and let me know.


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