That little creak

Sitting in front of your computer, you stare blankly at the screen as you battle your inability to come up with anything to start your story. You can clearly picture what you want to describe, but for the life of you, you can not form the events transpiring into a paragraph, a sentence, a single word. As your frustration mounts, you close your eyes, running your fingers over your scalp as you let out an irritated growl of displeasure. Taking a deep breath, you let it out slowly through your nose, opening your eyes to focus your energy into making some sort of progress on your latest project when you hear a creak as of wood being strained from a large weight. The sound only fazes you for a moment, shrugging it off as the house settling on its foundation you place your fingers upon the keyboard. Deciding to pour your emotion into your writing you find yourself smiling as your fingers start heeding your command, typing out a slew of words, describing what you see in your mind flawlessly when another creak sounds. Your fingers pause on the key board as you listen, your thoughts stirring, wondering what that was. You listen for several heart beats, ears straining to pick up anything misplaced. But only silence reigns in your home. Blaming it on your over active imagination, you begin work on your story once more, fingers now flying over the keys.


The sound of wood shifting, bending painfully is clearly heard, causing you to get up from you computer chair and take a quick glimpse out into the unlit hall outside your door, the only light coming from your monitor. Your eyes see nothing as they rove around, trying to penetrate the darkness before you. Your ears strain to pick up even the slightest of sounds out of place within your home.


Again, silence reigns. Shaking your head at your own foolishness you turn to go back to your computer when the sound of a heavy foot fall echoes down the hall, stopping you cold.


Your eyes turn as far as they can to the side, your body refusing to move as fear of the unknown grips you.


Your head slowly begins to turn to allow your eyes to see what is slowly coming towards you.


You slowly turn around as the presence of something slowly coming closer from the darkened hallway edges closer, fear tingling up and down your spine.


Darkness greets your vision as you look back down the hall, but you can tell something is there, hiding in the blackness.


The very edge of light shining out from your monitor is disturbed by what looks like a patch of darkness. Your eyes widen as a rumbling growl emanates from the shadows. Terror grips you as you know something is there, staring at you, studying you, devouring you with its gaze. Your mind screams at your body to move, but it doesn’t. It can’t. Fear has frozen it in place. Suddenly a bone jarring roar shatters the terrifying silence, causing you to jump as the horror charges towards you.

Thud, THud, THUd, THUD! Rumble its feet.

Screaming you turn and slam the door shut just before it reaches you, stumbling back fearfully waiting for the terror to come crashing through. Several moments pass and nothing happens. Your body, as tense and taught as a drawn bow string, shakes from the horror gripping your heart. Taking several shuddering breathes, you start telling yourself that this is just a dream, it’s all just a dream when you hear a slow exhale behind you, feel the hot humid breath on the back of your neck. A small whimper of terror manages to break free from your trembling lips before a thunderous roar deafens you, sending your ears ringing.

Screaming you wake up, flinging yourself upright in bed. Your chest heaves, your eyes quickly scanning your room looking for any signs of danger. Finding none you close your eyes a moment later, taking a deep calming breath when a thick powerful hand grips the back of your head. Your eyes fling open in mind numbing horror as the thing shoves its face in yours and roars.




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  1. Heck of a bedtime story:>)

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