Please wait, the doctor will see you shortly (Rant)


Ugh… Anyone else tired of going to the doctors? Between regular check ups for myself taking my son to the doctors for possible ear infections and booster shots, I’m pretty damn tired of going there.

And don’t get me wrong, it’s not dealing with the doctors that I’m tired of, (course that depends on the doctor) It’s the waiting! No scratch that, it’s the making sure to get there on time, then waiting that bugs me.

Think about it. You make an appointment. You get there a little early or on time, check in, and hope maybe, maybe you’ll be seen soon. But do you? Nope. You end up waiting in the waiting room in some cheap uncomfortable chair for about half an hour or more until some bored nurse calls your name. I’ve waited so long at times, that when the nurse did call my name, I felt like “YES! FINALLY!” Only for them to check your weight, blood pressure, ask why you’re there wasting their time before leading you to the exam room. To wait. And wait. And wait some more.

The funniest part about this whole thing is when the nurse leads you into the room, then tells you “Dr. (fill in the blank) will see you shortly”

Shortly to me is several minutes. But most times, turns into possibly half an hour or more, giving you nothing to do but stare at all the used needles in the plastic bin or laughing at the sign that reads “Please turn off your cell phone” while you’re surfing the web. (Yes I do that)

And why not? The nurses are walking around on their cell phones all day. I know someone who is a nurse and this is very true.

Anyway got off track there. Continuing on!

So after waiting and waiting and waiting some more, the doctor finally comes in to see what you have come to be seen about. Only for the actual visit from the doctor to last around ten minutes time (If that. Sometimes feels shorter) Before walking out.

So let’s see, in total you have waiting about close to an hour or more to be seen by the doctor, only for said doctor to talk to you for about several minutes before running out the door.

And the kicker? The funniest thing about it all? Is if you’re so many minutes late (in the practice I go to its ten minutes) they will charge you a fee and cancel your appointment. Really?! I fought traffic to get here, got caught at every light, only to finally arrive and be told that you are going to bill me? But all I was going to do was waste my time waiting with everyone else.

So yeah… Fun stuff. Anyway like the title says, this was a rant. Despite me complaining about the long waits, I do respect people who work in the medical field, cause I sure as hell couldn’t. Nope. But that’s for another post.


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