Zombies. Who has not seen a zombie movie? Or at least know of someone who has seen a zombie movie? It’s a pretty popular genre. And one of the popular topics that arise from it is the dreaded zombie apocalypse! Course there are probably worse ways for the world to go out, but getting eaten […]

Writers block. My arch nemesis. The very thought of you annoys me. Your presence drives me crazy, preventing me from putting my thoughts on paper, silently blocking any progress I’d love to make with my stories. You’re lucky that you are not a physically here, else I’d be grinning in pleasure while feeding your corpse […]

Is it just me? Or is there a growing trend with authors not describing the characters in their stories? On the rare occasion that I am not busy watching my energetic 15 month old son, or working on my next book, I like to sit back and read a good story. But it’s hard to […]